The essence of Buddhism

The Buddha’s Sermon

Do not believe in something because it is reported. Do not believe in something because it has been practiced by generations or becomes a tradition or part of a culture. Do not believe in something because a scripture says it is so. Do not believe in something believing a god has inspired it. Do not believe in something a teacher tells you to. Do not believe in something because the authorities say it is so. Do not believe in hearsay, rumor, speculative opinion, public opinion, or mere acceptance to logic and inference alone. Help yourself, accept as completely true only that which is praised by the wise and which you test for yourself and know to be good for yourself and others.

The Buddha’s SermonThe Kalama Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya 3.65, Sutta Pitaka, Pali Canon
Dr. Amod Rai

Dr. Amod Rai

Guide, Blogger on Buddhism

Since decade working as a guide/escort in Buddhist Sector (India & Nepal), It is Buddha’s grace and the boon on me to serve pilgrims at Buddhist Destinations.